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Good kitchen cabinet design will blend in with your overall kitchen style. Our goal is to help you choose cabinets that meet your needs and complement the rest of your kitchen. That’s why we carry a wide selection of cabinet styles, colors, and materials. Whether you live in a cozy bungalow or a traditional craftsman home, our cabinet store has a range of options for all price points.

At Kitchen & Bath Ideas Iowa, we specialize in rustic, traditional, and transitional kitchen cabinet design. We’re also experts in contemporary and modern cabinets. These styles are the most popular with our clients and don’t feel outdated in a few years’ time. Classic styles like these give you room for creativity without being reliant on passing trends. Learn more about each below.


Rustic design is natural and unpolished, like a branch of driftwood you find on the beach. It’s simple, rugged, and earthy. You won’t see much shiny black or silver in rustic interior design -- it’s primarily natural stone and warm wood in sunny tones. A rustic style is at home with wooden beams, antlers, and elements of nature. Rustic kitchen cabinet designs are lovely and unfussy, made from maple and other honey-colored wood.


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Traditional design has a similar, natural color palette as rustic style, with lots of earthy and rosy hues, and nothing too shiny. Cream and brown are still more common than black and white. But traditional style a little more refined than rustic style is, and unafraid to embrace dark, deep browns. Furniture is usually symmetrical and classic, such as finely carved wooden chairs at the dinner table, or a pair of well-loved rocking chairs. Traditional kitchen cabinet design is straightforward and timeless.


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Transitional design is traditional, but blended with elements of contemporary and modern design. If traditional design seems a little too old-fashioned, but modern design is too avant-garde, transitional is a happy compromise. Transitional kitchen cabinet design is just as likely to include Shaker-style maple cabinets or flat recessed white ones. The emphasis is on light, warmth, and simplicity. As Houzz explains, “Warm brown to chocolate wood tones are typically the only deep tones used in transitional designs.” Unlike rustic and traditional styles, you can venture beyond natural materials to incorporate stainless steel, glass, brick, or even Lucite.


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