Do you want to be whisked away to a Spanish villa every time you cook? Are you looking to add some spark to an otherwise neutral room? Or maybe you just want your kitchen to feel like home.
Your backsplash is the perfect place to get creative. Backsplashes can be flashy, whimsical, or homey, but choosing one is tricky. Here are 7 fun and beautiful backsplash ideas to inspire you.
1. Arabesque Tile
Do you long for warm Mediterranean air? For centuries, Arabic-inspired decoration has featured intricate tile patterns with flowing, graceful lines. 
Arabesque tiles are beautiful in Spanish style kitchens. Complete the look with wood cabinets and romantic accessories, like these Moroccan lanterns.
Get more ideas for a Spanish style kitchen from these Spanish-inspired rooms or this DIY project.
Arabesque tiles can also lend an exotic flair to more classic kitchens, like this crisp, white one. And don’t forget the adorable, space-saving wicker baskets.
2. Mid-Century Modern
If you’ve embraced the updated retro look, you’ll want a backsplash to match. Do you love clean lines and minimalism? Try a white backsplash with a bold geometric pattern to complement your vintage style kitchen.
Photo: Nat Rea
There are many ways to do mid-century modern. Stained wood cabinets are homey and relaxed. Bring out their nostalgic charm and add some color with tiles in a warm green or yellow.
3. Small Glass Mosaic
A small mosaic pattern lends a touch of playfulness to a contemporary kitchen. And if you want to brighten up the room, glass tiles are your best bet.
To make a subtle statement, stick to one color and incorporate different shades of that color. Check out the fun blue tones in this beach house kitchen. 
4. Solid Glass
Solid glass backsplashes are bold, easy to clean, and (bonus!) relatively inexpensive. What’s not to love? If you’re up for the job, you might even be able to DIY.
Solid glass is best in open, unadorned kitchens. Opt for a steely gray for a futuristic feel.
Photo: Houzz
Or for a subtle pop of color, how about soft blue glass?
5. Large Industrial Tiles
Industrial-style kitchens are just begging for big metal tiles. Look for a rugged antique metal (iron works great). You can also make “antiqued” metal yourself. 
Complete the look by displaying retro knickknacks, like the flask and plates in this kitchen. Bring in flowers or even a small cactus to add life to your industrial room.
6. Reflective Material
A reflective backsplash can complement almost any kitchen style, but it looks especially amazing alongside dark wood and earth tones. 
Add some balance with nature-inspired artwork, like landscape photography or rustic wood art. The 3-D art in this kitchen really softens the black cabinets and metallic backsplash.
7. Brick
Bring in some charm with a brick backsplash. Brick is perfect next to butcher block countertops or white wood cabinets. Stick with traditional brick paving or experiment with more creative patterns. Whatever you like!
Rust-colored brick is traditional, but white brick carries a dusty, antique vibe. It looks amazing with light cabinets and countertops. The owners of this next kitchen drew attention to the brick by keeping everything else simple.
These are just a few ideas to get you thinking, but your backsplash options are endless. Don’t be afraid to be bold or keep it simple. Remember, your kitchen is yours, and there are no rules except one: make it a place you love spending time!
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